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GetSite method

Gets the last site set with IObjectWithSite::SetSite. If there is no known site, the object returns a failure code.


HRESULT retVal = object.GetSite(riid, ppvSite);


  • riid [in]
    Type: REFIID

    The IID of the interface pointer that should be returned in ppvSite.

  • ppvSite [out]
    Type: void

    The address of the caller's void* variable in which the object stores the interface pointer of the site last seen in IObjectWithSite::SetSite. The specific interface returned depends on the riid argument; the two arguments act identically to those in QueryInterface. If the appropriate interface pointer is available, the object must call AddRef on that pointer before returning successfully. If no site is available, or the requested interface is not supported, the object sets this argument to NULL, and returns a failure code.


E_NOTIMPL is disallowed. Any object that implements this interface must be able to return the last site seen in IObjectWithSite::SetSite.