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MSHTML Overviews

This section contains overviews for MSHTML.


Topic Contents

All interfaces for accessing the Dynamic HTML (DHTML) Object Model are based on IDispatch and are the basis of access to the object model that is also used by scripts.

Handling HTML Element Events

The HTMLElementEvents2 interface is an event sink interface that enables an application to receive events for HTML elements. Your custom application can receive these events, which are fired in response to user actions on HTML elements, when hosting the WebBrowser Control or automating Windows Internet Explorer.

Introduction to Markup Services

Markup Services is a set of interfaces and objects that allow you to manipulate the contents of an HTML document. This article introduces these interfaces and objects.

Reusing MSHTML

MSHTML was introduced in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. It is the main HTML component of the Internet Explorer browser and can be used in other applications. It hosts Microsoft ActiveX Controls and supports the OLE Control '96 (OC96) specification for windowless controls.