Tracking Protection Lists in Windows Internet Explorer 9

Tracking Protection Lists (TPLs) help give consumers more control over their privacy. This information is for developers, information technology professionals (IT pros), or anyone who wants to create Tracking Protection Lists and host them on their own or a central website

Tracking Protection is a new feature in Windows Internet Explorer 9 designed to allow users to block or allow third-party content, such as scripts, images, and objects that are commonly used to track their Internet usage.

The following information describes the Tracking Protection feature and the TPL format, and shows how to write effective and fast-performing lists. It also provides examples on how to add TPLs to your webpages so that your users can install them.

Topic Contents
Create and Host Tracking Protection Lists

This information describes how to create Tracking Protection Lists (TPLs) and host them on your own or a central website such as the Internet Explorer Gallery.

Tracking Protection List API This information describes the APIs you can use to write ActiveX controls that work with Tracking Protection.