Information index for Internet Explorer 9

This information index gives you a high-level view of the information available on Windows Internet Explorer 9 for developers, including feature lists, compatibility information, blog entries, and technical articles.

General reference

Samples and tutorials

  • CSS3: Contains several tutorials that teach you how to take advantage of many of the newly supported CSS3 features in Internet Explorer 9, including rounded corners, drop shadows, and typographical enhancements.
  • Creating Standards-Enabled Websites: Shows how to create standards-enabled websites, including how to enable the highest level of standards support for Windows Internet Explorer, how to choose a standards-based feature over a feature that isn't widely supported, how to effectively detect features, and how to create fallback strategies that allow sites to be used by browsers that don't support the standards-based techniques.
  • How to use F12 Developer Tools to Debug your Webpages: Provides a comprehensive walkthrough of all the major features of the F12 developer tools in Internet Explorer 9 and their usage.
  • How to Create a Location-Aware Webpage: Provides step-by-step guidance for using the Geolocation API in Internet Explorer 9, including how to get the current location, how to watch for location changes, how to handle errors, and how to specify time-out durations.
  • How to use HTML5 to Add an Audio Player to your Webpage: Demonstrates how to add an audio player similar to the Internet Explorer Test Drive HTML5 Audio Player + XML Playlist to your own webpages.
  • How to use HTML5 to play video files on your webpage: Shows you how to use HTML5 to add a video player to your webpage, without requiring third-party controls or plug-ins.
  • HTML5 Graphics: Contains HTML5 graphics information, samples, and tutorials, including topics on HTML5 Canvas, SVG, and how to choose between SVG and Canvas.
  • Pinned Sites Developer Documentation: Walks you through the process of adding site metadata, custom Jump Lists, notification icons, and Thumbnail Preview toolbar controls to the websites you develop.

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