Provides the methods necessary to initialize the scripting engine. The scripting engine must implement the IActiveScript interface.

Methods in Vtable Order

Method Description
IActiveScript::SetScriptSite Informs the scripting engine of the IActiveScriptSite site provided by the host.
IActiveScript::GetScriptSite Retrieves the site object associated with the Windows Script engine.
IActiveScript::SetScriptState Places the scripting engine into the specified state.
IActiveScript::GetScriptState Retrieves the current state of the scripting engine.
IActiveScript::Close Causes the scripting engine to abandon any currently loaded script, lose its state, and release any interface pointers it has to other objects, thus entering a closed state.
IActiveScript::AddNamedItem Adds the name of a root-level item to the scripting engine's namespace.
IActiveScript::AddTypeLib Adds a type library to the namespace for the script.
IActiveScript::GetScriptDispatch Retrieves the IDispatch interface for the running script.
IActiveScript::GetCurrentScriptThreadID Retrieves a scripting-engine-defined identifier for the currently executing thread.
IActiveScript::GetScriptThreadID Retrieves a scripting-engine-defined identifier for the thread associated with the given Microsoft Win32 thread.
IActiveScript::GetScriptThreadState Retrieves the current state of a script thread.
IActiveScript::InterruptScriptThread Interrupts the execution of a running script thread.
IActiveScript::Clone Clones the current scripting engine (minus any current execution state), returning a loaded scripting engine that has no site in the current thread.

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