Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8

This documentation provides information about planning, creating, deploying, and managing custom installations of Microsoft® Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 using Internet Explorer Administration Kit 8 (IEAK 8).

Managing Web browsing technologies is critical as corporate intranets and extranets grow, and as most companies include a browser on their users' standard desktop. You can deploy a customized version of Internet Explorer to help your users or customers:

  • Increase productivity. You can configure or customize settings to give users access to specific intranet and Internet applications, ensure that all browsers have the same functionality, and make support easier.

  • Increase manageability and reliability. By creating custom packages, you can test components in your custom IEAK package with key, line-of-business applications to maximize reliability and reduce the cost of deployments, support, and upgrades. Also, you can centrally and dynamically manage your users' installation of Internet Explorer.

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