Window 10 IoT Core and NXP i.MX SoCs

NXP has made the board support packages (BSPs) for the i.MX 6, i.MX 7, and i.MX 8M family of SoCs available for commercial use. The highly optimized Windows 10 IoT Core BSPs on i.MX applications platforms make it easier to build secure, scalable solutions from device to cloud, ranging from provisioning to managing and securing devices at scale. Designers can easily run cloud services and gain insights from IoT devices. Windows 10 IoT Core on i.MX applications Processors provides faster time to market with many included user interfaces and device stacks that works out of the box.

NXP supports the Windows 10 IoT Core through open-source BSPs on i.MX applications Processors and featured development boards. In addition to the NXP designed development boards, NXP hardware partners have enabled multiple i.MX6, i.MX7, and i.MX 8M single board computers and system on module solutions using the open source licensed BSPs. Now, everyone can access the complete BSP contents for the i.MX 6, i.MX 7, and i.MX 8M product families for commercial use on their hardware along with the October 2018 release of Windows 10 IoT Core that is supported for 10 years.

BSP Access

If you are interested to enable commercial support for your own i/MX hardware, please access the BSP source and documentation on NXP's website.

If you have NXP hardware/BSP related questions or feedback on how the BSP can better support your targeted solution, please post to the NXP Community. For any Windows-related questions, please use the Microsoft Community.

If you need additional support beyond the community forums for BSP customization and integration for i.MX products, support is available via Pro-Support Inquiries can be sent to For Windows 10 IoT paid services and integration, please contact

Ecosystem Resources

Several Microsoft and NXP partners have enabled Windows 10 IoT Core on commercial i.MX 6, i.MX 7, and i.MX 8M devices. Please contact the partner directly for hardware access.

Device Contact
Aaeon PICO-IMX6 David Hung
Advantech RSB-4411
FS Eletronik System armStone A9
Geniatech SoM-iMX6Q-Q7 Mike Decker or Fang Jijun
Geniatech SoM-iMX7D Mike Decker or Fang Jijun
Ka-Ro Electronics TX6UL, TX6S, TX6DL, and TX6Q Uwe Steinkohl
SECO pConXS III with Trizeps VIII Mini and i-PAN M7 with Myon II
Kontron SMARC-sAMX6i Martin Unverdorben
Novtech Meerkat
phyBOARD-i.MX 7 Development Kit Fernando Benitez
Solid Run Hummingboard Edge Ilya Viten
VIA VAB-820 Michael Fox or Dream Ku
i.MX8M MaaXBoard

Note: The partners above support their hardware and the BSP for their hardware. They may be unable to assist with other software or configuration issues.