5070(S, F): A cryptographic function property modification was attempted.

This event generates in BCryptSetContextFunctionProperty() function. This function is a Cryptographic Next Generation (CNG) function.

This event generates when named property for a cryptographic function in an existing CNG context was updated.

For more information about Cryptographic Next Generation (CNG) visit these pages:

This event is used for Cryptographic Next Generation (CNG) troubleshooting.

There's no example of this event in this document.

Subcategory: Audit Other Policy Change Events

Event Schema:

A cryptographic function property modification was attempted.


Security ID:%1

Account Name:%2

Account Domain:%3

Logon ID:%4

Configuration Parameters:






Change Information:

Old Value:%10

New Value:%11

Return Code:%12

Required Server Roles: None.

Minimum OS Version: Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista.

Event Versions: 0.

Security Monitoring Recommendations

  • Typically this event is required for detailed monitoring of CNG-related cryptographic functions. If you need to monitor or troubleshoot actions related to specific cryptographic functions, review this event to see if it provides the information you need.