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Data type


Default value


0–255 ( retransmission attempts )



Determines how many times TCP retransmits an unanswered request for a new connection. TCP retransmits new connection requests until they are answered or until this value expires.

TCP/IP adjusts the frequency of retransmissions over time. The delay between the original transmission and the first retransmission for each interface is determined by the value of the TcpInitialRTT entry. By default, it is three seconds. This delay doubles after each attempt. After the final attempt, TCP/IP waits for an interval equal to double the last delay, and then it abandons the connection request.

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This entry determines how many times TCP retransmits requests for new connections. When sending data on existing connections, the maximum number of retransmissions is determined by the value of the TcpMaxDataRetransmissions entry.

Windows 2000 does not add this entry to the registry. You can add it by editing the registry or by using a program that edits the registry.

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