Creating a Set of Windows 2000 Setup Floppy Disks

To prepare for the possibility of a system failure on a computer that cannot be started from the CD-ROM drive, you need to create a set of four Windows 2000 Setup floppy disks that you can use to start the computer.

Use the Windows 2000 Setup floppy disks under the following circumstances: starting setup, starting the Recovery Console, and starting the Emergency Repair Process. However, before deciding that a computer must be started from a CD-ROM or floppy disks, try starting the computer in safe mode. After you have started the disabled computer from the Windows 2000 Setup floppy disks, you can use either the Recovery Console or the ERD, if you have prepared one. For more information about safe mode, the Recovery Console and the Emergency Repair Process, see "Startup Process" and "Repair, Recovery, and Restore" in this book.

You can create floppy disks for starting a disabled system by using the Windows 2000 Setup CD on any computer that is running Windows 2000. You need four blank, formatted, 3.5-inch, 1.44-MB floppy disks. Label them as follows:

  • Windows 2000 Setup Boot Disk

  • Windows 2000 Setup Disk #2

  • Windows 2000 Setup Disk #3

  • Windows 2000 Setup Disk #4

The Windows 2000 Setup floppy disks must match the operating system on the computer that you want to start. You cannot use Windows 2000 Setup floppy disks created from the Windows 2000 Professional Setup CD to start a computer that is running Windows 2000 Server.



Recreate your Windows 2000 Setup floppy disks after installing any Windows 2000 service packs.

To create the Windows   2000 Setup floppy disks

  1. Insert a blank, formatted 1.44-MB disk into the floppy disk drive on a computer that is running Windows 2000.

  2. Insert the Windows 2000 Server Setup CD.

  3. Click Start , and then click Run .

  4. In Open , type:
    d:\bootdisk\makebt32 a:
    Where d: is the drive letter assigned to your CD-ROM drive, and then click OK .

  5. Follow the screen prompts.



Makebt32.exe runs under Windows 2000, Microsoft® Windows NT® version 4.0 and Microsoft® Windows NT® version 3.51. If you are using a computer that is running Microsoft® MS-DOS®, Microsoft® Windows®98, or Microsoft® Windows® 95 to create the Setup floppy disks, in Step 4, type:

d:\bootdisk\makeboot a: