Customizing the Desktop

You can enable Group Policy settings that control whether users use screen savers and whether they can change screen saver properties. Table 8.8 lists and describes each Group Policy setting.

Other Group Policy settings you enforce can affect screen saver Group Policy settings. For additional information, right-click the Group Policy setting, click Properties , and then click the Explain tab, or refer to the Group Policy Reference on the Windows 2000 Resource Kit companion CD.

The Group Policy settings listed in Table 8.8 are located in the Group Policy snap-in under Local Computer Policy\User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Display.

Table 8.8 Group Policy Settings That Can Affect Screen Saver Functionality

Group Policy Setting


Hide screen saver tab

Removes Screen Saver tab from Display in Control Panel.

No screen saver

Enable to prevent any screen savers from running.

Screen saver executable name

Specifies the screen saver for the users desktop and prevents changes.

Password protect the screen saver

Enable to set passwords on all screen savers. Disable to prevent passwords from being used on all screen savers.