Show only specified control panel applets

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel


Hides all Control Panel items and folders except those specified in this policy.

This policy removes all Control Panel items (such as Network) and folders (such as Fonts) from the Control Panel window and the Start menu. It removes Control Panel items you have added to your system, as well the Control Panel items included in Windows 2000. The only items displayed in Control Panel are those you specify in this policy.

To display a Control Panel item, type the file name of the item, such as Ncpa.cpl (for Network). To display a folder, type the folder name, such as Fonts. If you do not specify any items or folders, the Control Panel window is empty.

Note Image Note

This policy affects the Start menu and Control Panel window only. It does not prevent users from running any Control Panel items.

If both the Hide specified control panel applets policy and the Show only specified control panel applets policy are enabled, the Show only specified control panel applets policy is ignored.

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To find the file name of a Control Panel item, search for files with the .cpl file name extension in the Systemroot \System32 directory.

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