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Data type


Default value


0x0–0xFFFF 0x0–0xFFFF

0x64 ( 100 )


Specifies the weight (or weighted priority) of this domain controller. The weight determines the probability that a client contacts the domain controller when it selects from among domain controllers with the same priority. Domain controllers with the highest weight are most likely to be contacted.

Clients contact domain controllers in priority order, as specified by the value of the LdapSrvPriority entry. The highest priority domain controller (the one with the lowest value of LdapSrvPriority ) is contacted first.

However, when domain controllers have the same priority value, the Net Logon service selects from among them by using a statistical calculation based on the weight assigned to the domain controller. Domain controllers with the highest weight are most likely to be contacted. This method allocates contact traffic most efficiently.

The following formula calculates the probability that a client contacts a given domain controller:

LdapSrvWeight / Sum (LdapSrvWeight for DCs of that priority)

For example, if three domain controllers are each assigned the highest priority, 0x0, the probability of each being contacted is as follows:






1/2 (3/6)



1/3 (2/6)




Note Image Note

When interpreting priority and weight values, remember that priorities are inverse but weights are positive. That is, for priority, the lowest number (0x0) represents the highest priority. For weights, the highest number represents the highest weight.

When all domain controllers have the same weight, then, by convention, the value of this entry is 0x0.

This entry is used only when it appears in the registry of a domain controller.

Windows 2000 does not add this entry to the registry. You can add it by editing the registry or by using a program that edits the registry.

Tip Image Tip

Net Logon records the value of this entry on the LDAP SRV records that it writes. You can view these records by using Domain Name System (DNS) dynamic update or by viewing the netlogon.dns file ( Systemroot \System32\config). Also, if the value of DBFlag is 0x2080FFFF, Net Logon records the LDAP SRV records in its debugging log, Netlogon.log ( Systemroot \debug).

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