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Data type


Default value


Milliseconds in decimal

20000 (20 seconds)


Determines how long the system waits for services to stop after notifying the service that the system is shutting down. This entry is used only when the user issues a shut-down command by clicking the Shut Down button on the Windows 2000 Security dialog box or by selecting Shut down from the Shut Down Windows dialog box.

When the value of this entry expires, the system notifies the user that the service has not stopped. The user can either force the service task to stop or continue to wait. If the user waits, this value specifies the interval between repeated user notices that the service has not stopped.

If all services stop before this value expires, the system shuts down; it does not wait for this value to expire.


Some services increase the value of this entry to provide more time for cleanup tasks.


For more information, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base link on the Web Resources page. Search the Knowledge Base for Article Q146092, or use the keyword WaitToKillServiceTimeout.

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