Active Directory Diagnostic Tool (Ntdsutil.exe)

Ntdsutil.exe is a command-line tool that provides management facilities for Active Directory ™ , the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 directory service. Use Ntdsutil to perform database maintenance of Active Directory, to manage and control single master operations, and to remove metadata left behind by domain controllers that were removed from the network without being properly uninstalled. This tool is intended to be used by experienced administrators. By default, Ntdsutil is installed in the Winnt\System32 folder.

In This Appendix

Invoking Ntdsutil Commands and Parameters

Managing Active Directory Files

Using the Connections Menu

Selecting an Operation Target

Managing Operations Master Roles

Managing Orphaned Metadata

Performing an Authoritative Restore

Managing Domains

Managing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Policies

Managing the IP Deny List

Managing Security Accounts

Using Semantics Database Analysis

List of Menu Commands