Using the SpecificNonInstaller Fix

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

This section includes information about using the SpecificNonInstaller compatibility fix, including the usage and API-related information.


The SpecificNonInstaller shim compatibility fix enables you to flag an application as not being an application-installation file if it was located and suspected of being an installation program by the GenericInstaller function. After you apply this compatibility fix, the application will no longer prompt for elevation, or perform other installation-related actions.

Investigating the Issue

The SpecificNonInstaller compatibility fix should be considered as a possible resolution if your application is incorrectly prompting for elevation when administrator-level permissions are not required.

While you can also fix this issue by applying the RunAsInvoker compatibility fix, we recommend that you use the SpecificNonInstaller fix when that the issue occurs because of installer detection. By using the SpecificNonInstaller fix, you can more clearly communicate the reason for applying the compatibility fix to anyone using or managing the SDB file at a later time.

Intercepted APIs

None. This compatibility fix does not intercept any APIs. Instead it applies a loader flag to the application.

Fixing Your Code

You can fix this issue by creating a manifest that specifies the required run-level for the application, generally the asInvoker function, which will disable the Setup-detection process.

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