Recording for Resource-based Analysis

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows 8.1

Most of the Windows® Performance Recorder (WPR) built-in profiles are designed to analyze resource consumption and performance. From the Select additional profiles for performance recording box in the WPR user interface (UI), you can select one or more of the following profiles:

Profile Name Description

CPU usage

Analyzes CPU usage

Disk I/O activity

Analyzes disk I/O activity

File I/O activity

Analyzes file I/O activity

Registry I/O activity

Analyzes registry I/O activity

Networking I/O activity

Analyzes networking I/O performance and activity.

Heap usage

Analyzes heap memory usage and performance.

Pool usage

Analyzes contiguous memory activity

VAlloc usage

Valloc is also known as VirtualAlloc. For more information about memory allocation methods, see Comparing Memory Allocation Methods.

Power usage

Analyzes power usage

For information about how to select a built-in profile from the command line, see WPR Command-Line Options.

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