Security in Windows HPC Server 2008

Applies To: Windows HPC Server 2008

This document helps you to understand the security implications of configuration choices that you can make in Windows® HPC Server 2008. It also describes how to perform specific tasks that directly affect security in an HPC cluster, such as the task of designating HPC cluster administrators and HPC cluster users.

In this document

This document covers the following aspects of security for clusters running Windows HPC Server 2008:

Not covered in this document

This document does not describe security basics, that is, strategies and risk-management methods that provide a foundation for security across your organization. Some examples of security basics are restricting physical access to your servers and networks, and using strong passwords. This document also does not describe methods for applying software updates (which can help strengthen the security of a server) to nodes in your HPC cluster. For more information about these topics, see "Additional references," later in this topic.

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