Settings saved in a user profile

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

Settings saved in a user profile

A user profile contains configuration preferences and options for each user.

The following table is a sample of the settings that are contained in a user profile.

Source Parameters saved

Windows Explorer

All user-definable settings for Windows Explorer.

My Documents

User-stored documents.

My Pictures

User-stored picture items.


Shortcuts to favorite locations on the Internet.

Mapped network drive

Any user-created mapped network drives.

My Network Places

Links to other computers on the network.

Desktop contents

Items stored on the Desktop and shortcuts.

Screen colors and fonts

All user-definable computer screen colors and display text settings.

Application data and registry hive

Application data and user-defined configuration settings.

Printer settings

Network printer connections.

Control Panel

All user-defined settings made in Control Panel.


All user-specific program settings affecting the user's Windows environment, including Calculator, Clock, Notepad, and Paint.

Windows Server 2003 family-based programs

Any program written specifically for Windows Server 2003 family can be designed so that it tracks program settings on a per-user basis. If this information exists, it is saved in the user profile.

Online user education bookmarks

Any bookmarks placed in the Windows Server 2003 family Help system.


  • The My Documents, My Pictures, Favorites, Start Menu, and Desktop folders are the only folders displayed in Windows Explorer by default. The NetHood, PrintHood, Recent, and Templates folders are hidden and do not appear in Windows Explorer. To view these folders and their contents in Windows Explorer, from the Tools menu, point to Folder options, click the View tab, and then click Show hidden files and folders.