Cache/Proxy Database Availability

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

When a client requests on-demand content, a cache/proxy server can stream the requested content to the client on behalf of the origin server. Offsetting the load on the origin server from which the content is published conserves bandwidth and decreases network-imposed latency, reducing costs and providing a better viewing experience for clients. The WMS Cache/Proxy plug-in in Windows Media Services 2008 is used to configure a Windows Media server as a cache/proxy server. This plug-in downloads content requested by clients from an origin server to cache storage on the cache/proxy server (the cache directory) for subsequent delivery to clients. A record of each downloaded file is maintained in a cache index file (the cache database) so that the plug-in can be used to manage the cache directory.


Event ID Source Message



The WMS Cache Proxy plug-in could not open the cache database index %1. %2

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