Scheduling Replication Between Sites

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012

To control replication between two sites, you can use the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in to configure settings on the site link object to which the sites are added. By configuring settings on a site link, you can control when replication occurs between two or more sites, and how often. When you configure settings on a site link, consider the network traffic that is generated by your line of business applications, the hours of business operations, and the peak activity periods during the workday. Weigh these considerations against the need for directory updates in your remote sites. You might decide, for example, that replication once a day—after hours during a low-traffic time period—is sufficient for users in your remote sites to perform their duties.

Procedure requirements

The procedures in this section have the following requirements:

  • A site link object that represents a physical wide area network (WAN) link between two or more sites

  • Information about the WAN traffic between the sites and the update requirements of users and applications in the remote sites

To schedule replication between sites, perform the following procedures:

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