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Appendix of Unattended Installation Parameters

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

The tables in this appendix provide the information that you need to create an answer file for automating the installation or removal of AD DS:

Promotion Operation

CreateDCAccount Operation

UseExistingAccount Operation

Demotion Operation

Unattended Installation Return Codes

Dcpromo.exe accepts these parameters either directly from the command line or as entered in a text file that is formatted in standard .INI format. The text file must contain a section heading [DCINSTALL] followed by AD DS (domain controller) server role unattended installation parameters.

Create a text file that contains the [DCINSTALL] heading and in which each line in the file contains an option and its value in the form option=value. To use the options directly from the command line, precede each option:value pair with a forward slash (/) and separate each /option=value pair with a space. At the command line, you can also use a colon (:) to separate the option and the value (/option:value).

The following are example lines in an answer text file:





The following is an example set of the same options as typed in the Dcpromo.exe command line:

dcpromo /unattend /username:Jsmith /password:* /sitename:NorthRegion ...