TPM Base Services

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Base Services (TBS) is a software component that allows the Windows operating system and applications to use services provided by the TPM. Because multiple applications on a computer share a single TPM hardware component and TPM driver, the TBS virtualizes certain limited TPM resources. The TBS uses priorities specified by calling applications to cooperatively schedule TPM access.

A TPM is a hardware component of the computer that has security features to perform cryptographic operations, store cryptographic keys, generate random numbers, record measurements of platform components like the BIOS or software components, and so forth. Software applications can use TPM features to provide solutions with enhanced security. BitLocker Drive Encryption in some configurations uses the TPM to seal a cryptographic key so that it can be accessed only if certain platform components have the same measurement as when the key was first sealed.

The TBS is used by BitLocker, and can also be used by other applications.


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TBS Operation

This version of Windows includes TPM Base Services (TBS), a component similar to an Application Programming Interface (API) , that allows the operating system and application programs to communicate with and share the use of a Trusted Platform Module chip in the computer. The BitLocker Drive Encryption feature uses the TPM by default. Failures or unexpected results encountered by the TBS can result in the TBS or the TPM driver logging event messages.


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