Virtual Network Manager

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

Virtual Network Manager enables you to create and manage virtual networks. For instructions, see Manage Virtual Networks.

The following table describes the available settings of Virtual Network Manager.

Setting Description


Creates a connection to a physical network adapter so that virtual machines can access a physical network.

The Allow management operating system to share this network adapter setting controls whether you can use this physical network adapter to access to the management operating system, which is operating system that runs the Hyper-V role. You can use this option to isolate the management operating system from communications between virtual machines and other computers on a physical network. However, this also means that you cannot connect to the management operating system remotely through this physical network adapter if this option is cleared.


Provides communications between the management operating system and virtual machines.


Provides communications between virtual machines only.

Enable virtual LAN identification

Specifies an identification number that can be used to isolate network traffic from the management operating system. A virtual LAN configuration must be supported by the physical network adapter. For information about configuring virtual LAN identification, see the Hyper-V deployment content at the Windows Server 2008 Technical Library (

MAC Address Range

This setting allows you to specify a range of addresses to be used when assigning dynamic MAC addresses to virtual machines. This helps to avoid conflicts that could occur when more than one physical computer running Hyper-V uses the same subnet and the same MAC address is assigned to more than one virtual machine that communicates on that physical subnet. Dynamic MAC addresses are assigned by Hyper-V according to a default range that is the same on each installation of Hyper-V. You can use this setting to divide this default range into ‘subranges’ and assign a different subrange to each of the physical computers that runs Hyper-V.

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