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New Virtual Machine Wizard

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

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Before You Begin

You can create a virtual machine without working through the pages of the wizard. If you click Finish on this page, the wizard creates a virtual machine with a default configuration. Otherwise, you can customize a virtual machine on the following pages.

For more information about the default configuration, see Create Virtual Machines.

Specify Name and Location

You can specify a name and location suited to your environment.

If you plan to cluster this virtual machine hard disk, choose the option to store the virtual machine in a new folder and specify a shared location.

Assign Memory

Specify at least enough memory to run the guest operating system and all applications that you want to run simultaneously.

Configure Networking

Specify the network connection that you want to use. The Not connected option is always available. Other connections are available if virtual networks have been created. You can create one or more virtual networks when you use Server Manager to install the role, and you can create virtual networks later with the Virtual Network Manager. For more information, see Managing Virtual Networks.

Connect Virtual Hard Disk

Provides you with a way to create storage for the new virtual machine without running the New Virtual Hard Disk Wizard. This can be useful if you want to install a guest operating system in a virtual machine soon after you create it. You also can connect an existing virtual hard disk to the virtual machine.

Installation Options

If you want to install a guest operating system right after you create the virtual machine, you can specify the location of the installation media.

Completing the New Virtual Machine Wizard

Displays the configuration details you selected for the virtual machine. You can start the virtual machine immediately after closing the wizard. This is helpful if you want to install a guest operating system right away.

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