Registry Extension

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012

Group Policy includes the Registry preference extension. For computers or users, this extension allows you to:

  • Copy multiple registry settings from a computer and apply those settings to other computers.

  • Create, replace, or delete an individual registry value.

  • Create an empty key, delete a key, or delete all values and subkeys in a key.

  • Create collections (folders) to organize Registry preference items in the Group Policy Management Console, and so you can apply the same targeting to multiple Registry items.

  • Create collections in the Group Policy Management Console that mirror the structure of keys in the registry on a selected computer.

Getting started

You can create and configure Registry preference items for any domain-based Group Policy object (GPO). You configure the settings by editing a GPO using the Group Policy Management Console. When editing a GPO, you can find this preference extension at the following location:

Computer Configuration or User Configuration

**   └ Preferences**

**      └ Windows Settings**

**         └ Registry**

For information about how to use this extension to create and configure a preference item, see the following topics: