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Application Request Routing Page

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista

Use the Application Request Routing (ARR) page to configure proxy attributes.

UI Elements

Element Name Description

Enable proxy

Select this option to use ARR as a proxy server.

HTTP version

Indicates which HTTP protocol version should be used.

Keep alive

Select this option to use HTTP keep-alive.

Time-out (seconds)

Specifies the time, in seconds, that a request can attempt to connect to the server.

Reverse rewrite host in response headers

Select this option to reverse the rewrite host in response headers.

Preserve client IP in the following header

Indicates whether the header should keep the client IP address for the specified header value. The default value is X-Forwarded-For. If you leave this field blank, then no client IP address will be passed through as a custom header to the application server.

Include TCP port from client IP

Select this option to include the TCP port from the client IP address.

Forwarding proxy header value

Indicates the forwarding proxy for the specified header value.

Static file cache duration (seconds)

Lists the duration, in seconds, that static content should be cached. ARR uses kernel cache to store objects that can be cached.

Response buffer (KB)

Indicates the buffer size to be allocated for storing responses from the destination servers.

Response buffer threshold (KB)

Lists the size of the buffer, in kilobytes, that ARR uses to retain a response before sending it to the client. Content smaller than the size of the threshold can be cached.

Proxy server

Specifies a proxy that should be chained.

Use URL Rewrite to inspect incoming requests

Select this option to use URL rewrite rules to evaluate requests that come through your server.

Enable SSL offloading

Select this option to terminate SSL and communicate using HTTP.

Reverse proxy

Indicates that ARR is being used as a reverse proxy and that appropriate URL rewrite rules are written.

Actions Pane Elements

Element Name Description


Applies and saves the proxy settings that you have just entered.


Disregards the changes that you have made and resets the settings to the previous values.

URL Rewrite

Takes you to the URL Rewrite module to configure advanced routing rules.