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System Health Validator Error Codes

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2

System health validator (SHV) error codes can be returned for an SHV when the associated system health agent (SHA) on a Network Access Protection (NAP) client computer requests access to the network. If an error code is returned, you can choose whether to evaluate the NAP client computer as compliant or noncompliant with health requirements. By default, all error codes are set to noncompliant.

The following is a description of available error codes:

  • SHV unable to contact required services . This error can occur if Network Policy Server (NPS) loses connectivity to a health requirement server, such as an antivirus signature server.

  • SHA unable to contact required services . This error can occur if the SHA is unable to successfully read the client configuration.

  • SHA not responding to NAP Client . This error can occur if an SHA is not properly initialized and registered.

  • SHV not responding . This error can occur if the performance of an SHV is degraded (for example, if NPS is out of memory).

  • Vendor specific error code received . This error can occur if NPS receives an error code that is unique to the SHA or SHV vendor. Some vendors might return this code when NPS is unable to contact a health requirement server.

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