Overview of the Web Deployment Tool for IIS Manager

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

The Web Deployment Tool (Web Deploy) synchronizes IIS configuration, content, SSL certificates, and other types of data from a user-specified site or server to a user-specified destination. You can also deploy objects, such as registry keys, that are not included by default.

Management Service Delegation

In IIS Manager, Web Deploy adds an administrators-only feature at the server level called Management Service Delegation that lets you control, with a high degree of precision, the deployment actions that remote users can take. For more information, see Management Service Delegation Page.

Export and Import Applications

From the IIS ManagerĀ Actions pane, you can use the tool's Export Application Package Wizard to create compressed files (packages) that contain your sites, applications, and content. For more information, see Export Application Package and Export Server Package Wizard Pages.

After you export a package, you can use the Import Application Package Wizard to install the package's contents at a different location. For more information, see Import Application Package and Import Server or Site Package Wizard Pages.

Command-line features

The Web Deployment Tool's Msdeploy.exe executable program offers many powerful command-line features. For summary help about Msdeploy.exe features, type msdeploy -help in a Command Prompt window. For more detailed help online, see Web Deployment Tool.

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