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Checklist: Add a Global Catalog Server

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

If you have more than one domain in your forest and you have a significant user population in a site, you can optimize the speed and efficiency of domain logons and directory searches by adding a global catalog server to the site.

If you have a single-domain forest, global catalog servers are not required for logons, but directory searches are directed to the global catalog. In this case, you can enable the global catalog on all domain controllers for faster directory searches.

Task Reference

(Optional) Review global catalog concepts.

Understanding the Global Catalog

Add or remove the global catalog read-only directory partitions from a domain controller in the site.

Add or Remove the Global Catalog

Confirm that all read-only directory partitions have been replicated to the new global catalog server.

Verify Global Catalog Readiness

Verify that the global catalog server is being advertised in Domain Name System (DNS).

Verify Global Catalog DNS Registrations