Configure and Manage Server Core Installations


Applies To: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

Because when Windows Server® 2012 is in Server Core mode, the help system and browser are not available, this collection of topics provides the information needed to install and deploy Server Core servers; install, manage, and uninstall server roles and features; configure settings such as server activation and naming, domain membership, and Windows Firewall; installing updates; and managing the server locally or remotely. It also includes a quick reference table of common tasks and the commands for accomplishing them locally on a Server Core server.

If you choose the Server Core option, the standard user interface (the “Server Graphical Shell”) is not installed; you manage the server using remote user interface tools, Windows PowerShell, or, if necessary, locally using the command line (or Windows PowerShell). For more information about the differences between Server Core and Server with a GUI, the features included in each mode, switching between the modes, the Minimal Server Interface mode, and Features on Demand, see