Configure Branch Office Direct Printing


Applies To: Windows Server 2012

This topic shows you how to configure Branch Office Direct Printing on a print server running Windows Server 2012.

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This topic includes sample Windows PowerShell cmdlets that you can use to automate some of the procedures described. For more information, see Using Cmdlets.


This procedure assumes you have a print server installed with printers installed and shared on Windows Server 2012.

Step 1: Configure Branch Office Direct Printing

You can configure Branch Office Direct Printing using either the Print Management Console or Windows PowerShell.

Do this step using Windows PowerShell

To Configure Branch Office Direct Printing

  1. Open the Print Management Console and expand Print Servers.

  2. Expand the print server where the print queues are installed and then expand Printers.

  3. Right click the printer that you wish to manage and select Enable Branch Office Direct Printing. Multiple printers can be configured at the same time by highlighting each printer prior to this step.

Windows PowerShell equivalent commands

The following Windows PowerShell cmdlet or cmdlets perform the same function as the preceding procedure. Enter each cmdlet on a single line, even though they may appear word-wrapped across several lines here because of formatting constraints.

Set-Printer -name <String> -ComputerName <String> -RenderingMode BranchOffice

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