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Troubleshooting Enabling OTP


Applies To: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

This topic contains troubleshooting information for issues related to enabling DirectAccess OTP authentication using either the Enable-DAOtpAuthentication PowerShell cmdlet or the Remote Access Management console.

Failed to enroll the OTP signing certificate

Error received (server event log)—An OTP signing certificate cannot be enrolled using certificate template <OTP_signing_template_name>


There are three possible causes for this error:

  • The template doesn’t exist.

  • The permissions set on the template do not allow the DirectAccess server to enroll.

  • There is no network connectivity to the issuing certification authority (CA).


  1. Make sure that the OTP signing certificate template with the given name:

    1. Exists and has the proper permissions.

    2. Is set to be issued by at least one CA that can issue certificates to the DirectAccess server.

  2. If the template doesn’t exist, create it as described in 3.3 Plan the registration authority certificate, or if another matching template exists reconfigure DirectAccess OTP with the new template name.

Failed to enable DirectAccess OTP when WebDAV is installed

Scenario—While attempting to apply the DirectAccess OTP configuration in the Remote Access Management console or by using the Enable-DAOtpAuthentication PowerShell cmdlet, the operation fails.

Error received (server event log)—DirectAccess OTP settings cannot be applied because the WebDAV IIS extension is running on the server. Remove WebDAV and apply the settings again.


The DirectAccess OTP service is incompatible with the WebDAV Publishing feature and cannot be enabled while WebDAV is installed.


Uninstall the WebDAV role:

  1. In the Server Manager console, in the left-pane, click IIS.

  2. In the main pane, scroll to ROLES AND FEATURES.

  3. Right-click WebDAV Publishing, and then click Remove Role or Feature.

  4. Complete the Remove Roles and Features Wizard.

  5. Re-apply the DirectAccess OTP configuration.

No templates available in the Remote Access Management console

Scenario—While configuring OTP or registration authority certificate templates using the Remote Access Management console, some, or all of the templates are missing from the selection windows.


There are two possible causes for this error:

  • The template is not configured according to the DirectAccess OTP requirements and so it cannot be selected.

  • The selected CAs under OTP CA Servers are not configured to issue the required templates.


  1. Make sure that the OTP logon template and the OTP signing certificate template are configured properly as described in 3.2 Plan the OTP certificate template and 3.3 Plan the registration authority certificate.

  2. Make sure that the configured CAs in the OTP CA Servers list are configured to issues the relevant templates:

    1. On the CA server, open the Certification Authority console.

    2. In the left pane, expand the chosen CA server.

    3. Click Certificate Templates and make sure the required templates are enabled. If not, right-click Certificate Templates, click New, click Certificate Template to issue, and then select the templates you want to enable.

Cannot set renewal period of OTP template to 1 hour

Scenario—When configuring the DirectAccess OTP logon template using Windows 2003 CA, it is not possible to set the renewal period of the template to 1 hour.


The Certificate Templates MMC snap-in in Windows Server 2003 doesn’t allow you to set the renewal period of a template to 1 hour.


Install Certificate Templates snap-in on a post-Windows Server 2003 server and use it to configure the OTP logon template, see Install the Certificate Templates Snap-In.