Checklist: Deploy IPAM Server


Applies To: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

Checklist: Deploy IPAM > Checklist: Deploy IPAM Server

This parent checklist includes cross-reference links to important concepts about deploying an IP address management (IPAM) server. It also contains links to subordinate checklists that will help you complete the required tasks.

Before completing the tasks in this checklist, ensure you have performed the prerequisite tasks in the parent checklist, such as reviewing conceptual information about IPAM and deciding on a deployment topology. The IPAM server that you deploy using procedures in this checklist can be a central IPAM server that monitors and manages several sites, or it can be a remote server that is responsible for managing a single site or a small number of sites. The role that is assigned to an IPAM server affects procedures in this checklist, such as configuring the scope of discovery and assigning the manageability status of discovered servers.


Complete the tasks in this checklist in order. When a reference link takes you to a conceptual topic or to a subordinate checklist, return to this topic after you review the conceptual topic or you complete the tasks in the subordinate checklist so that you can proceed with the remaining tasks in this checklist.

 Checklist: Deploy IPAM Server



Install the IPAM Server feature

Install IPAM Server

Configure the IPAM Database

Configure the SQL Database for IPAM

Specify the IPAM Database

Provision the IPAM server

Choose an IPAM Provisioning Method

Configure the scope of discovery

Configure Server Discovery

Start server discovery

Discover Servers on the Network

Manually Add a Server to Server Inventory

Configure settings on managed servers

Create IPAM Provisioning GPOs

Manually Configure DHCP Access Settings

Manually Configure DNS Access Settings

Manually Configure DC and NPS Access Settings

Select manageability status on managed servers

Choose Managed Servers

Verify IPAM access to managed servers

Verify Managed Server Access

Retrieve data from managed servers

Retrieve Data from Managed Servers

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