Domain specifies the name of the domain used for an account authentication. Domain is used to authenticate an account before the computer can be joined to a domain during Windows Setup.



Specifies the name of the domain used to authenticate an account. Domain_name is a string. The value may be either a fully qualified DNS domain name or a NetBIOS domain name.

If a value for Domain is not specified, Username must use the user principal name (UPN) format (user@fully-qualified-DNS-domain), NetBIOS-domain\username format, or the fully-qualified-DNS-domain\username format.

This string type does not support empty elements. Do not create an empty value for this setting.

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Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-UnattendedJoin | Identification | Credentials | Domain

Applies To

For the list of the supported Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-UnattendedJoin.

XML Example

The following XML output shows how to set the identification credentials.


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