Drvload Command-Line Options

The Drvload tool adds out-of-box drivers to a booted Windows PE image. It takes one or more driver .inf files as inputs. To add a driver to an offline Windows PE image, use the peimg tool.

If the driver .inf file requires a reboot, Windows PE will ignore the request. If the driver .sys file requires a reboot, then the driver cannot be added with Drvload.

Drvload Command-Line Options

The following command-line options are available for Drvload.

drvload.exe inf_path [,inf_path [...]] [/?]

Option Description


Displays usage information.


Specifies the path to the driver .inf file. The path can contain environment variables.

If any drivers failed to install, then Drvload will return 0 if successful or a non-zero status (%errorlevel%).

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