INuiFusionReconstruction::ResetReconstruction Method

Clears the reconstruction volume and sets a new world-to-camera transform (camera view pose).


HRESULT ResetReconstruction(
         const Matrix4 *pInitialWorldToCameraTransform,
         const Matrix4 *pWorldToVolumeTransform


  • pInitialWorldToCameraTransform
    Type: Matrix4
    The initial camera pose of the reconstruction volume, with respect to the world origin. To use the default camera pose, specify identity.
  • pWorldToVolumeTransform
    Type: Matrix4
    The world-to-volume transform that expresses the location and orientation of the world coordinate system origin in volume coordinates, as well as the scaling of the world coordinates to volume indices. This controls where the reconstruction volume appears in the real world with respect to the world origin position, or with respect to the camera if identity is passed to the initialWorldToCameraTransform parameter (as this causes the camera and world origins to coincide).

Return value

S_OK if successful; otherwise, returns a failure code.


To create your own world-to-volume transformation, call the GetCurrentWorldToVolumeTransform method, and then either modify the returned matrix directly or multiply with your own similarity matrix to alter the volume translation or rotation with respect to the world coordinate system. Other transforms, such as skew, are not supported.

To reset the volume while keeping the same world-to-volume transform, call the GetCurrentWorldToVolumeTransform method, and then pass the returned matrix to the pWorldToVolumeTransform parameter of the ResetReconstruction method.


Header: nuikinectfusionvolume.h

Library: TBD