IInfraredFrameSource Interface

Represents a source of infrared frames from a KinectSensor.


interface IInfraredFrameSource : public IUnknown


IInfraredFrameSource has the following members.


Name Description
get_FrameDescription Gets the description of the infrared frames.
get_IsActive Gets whether the infrared frame source is active.
get_KinectSensor Gets the KinectSensor of the infrared frame source.
GetFrameCapturedEventData Gets the event data when a new infrared frame is captured.
OpenReader Creates a frame reader for the infrared frame source.
SubscribeFrameCaptured Event that is used to notify the application that the next frame is ready to be delivered to subscribed readers or if a frame has been dropped.
UnsubscribeFrameCaptured Unsubscribes the specified event handler that processes new frames.


Header: kinect.h

Library: kinect20.lib