FaceProperty Enumeration

Values that describe the state of a face.


typedef enum _FaceProperty
    FaceProperty_Happy = 0,
    FaceProperty_Engaged = 1,
    FaceProperty_WearingGlasses = 2,
    FaceProperty_LeftEyeClosed = 3,
    FaceProperty_RightEyeClosed = 4,
    FaceProperty_MouthOpen = 5,
    FaceProperty_MouthMoved = 6,
    FaceProperty_LookingAway = 7,
    FaceProperty_Count = (FaceProperty_LookingAway+1)
} FaceProperty, FaceProperty_Happy, FaceProperty_Engaged, FaceProperty_WearingGlasses, FaceProperty_LeftEyeClosed, FaceProperty_RightEyeClosed, FaceProperty_MouthOpen, FaceProperty_MouthMoved, FaceProperty_LookingAway, FaceProperty_Count;


Constant Description
FaceProperty_Happy The user appears happy.
FaceProperty_Engaged The user appears engaged with the Kinect Sensor.
FaceProperty_WearingGlasses The user is wearing glasses.
FaceProperty_LeftEyeClosed The user's left eye is closed.
FaceProperty_RightEyeClosed The user's right eye is closed.
FaceProperty_MouthOpen The user's mouth is open.
FaceProperty_MouthMoved The user's mouth moved.
FaceProperty_LookingAway The user is looking away.


Header: kinect.face.h

Library: Kinect20.face.lib