Approver Task Guidance

An Approver is a person who is authorized by an AGPM Administrator (Full Control) to create, deploy, and delete Group Policy objects (GPOs) and to approve or reject requests (typically from Editors) to create, deploy, or delete GPOs.

Important   Ensure that you're connecting to the central archive for GPOs. For more information, see Configure the AGPM Server Connection.

Note   Because the Approver role includes the permissions for the Reviewer role, an Approver can also review settings and compare GPOs. See Performing Reviewer Tasks for more information.

Other considerations

By default, the following permissions are provided for the Approver role:

  • List Contents

  • Read Settings

  • Create GPO

  • Deploy GPO

  • Delete GPO

Also, an Approver has full control over GPOs that they created or controlled.