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WCF Data Services (Silverlight)

Microsoft Silverlight will reach end of support after October 2021. Learn more.

Silverlight includes a WCF Data Services client library that enables you to access data from any service that exposes an Open Data Protocol (OData) feed. OData is based on an entity and relationship model that enables you to access data in the style of representational state transfer (REST) resources. Silverlight-based applications can access this data through the standard HTTP protocol to execute queries, and even to create, update, and delete data in the data service. For more information about OData and existing data services that can be accessed by using the WCF Data Services client library, see the OData Web site.

Important noteImportant Note:

The WCF Data Services client library for Silverlight is not supported for Windows Phone applications. You must instead use the OData Client Library for Windows Phone. For more information, see Open Data Protocol (OData) Overview for Windows Phone.

WCF Data Services, a component of the .NET Framework, enables you to easily implement a data service to expose an OData feed in a .NET Framework application. WCF Data Services supports the full set of OData functionality for discovering, querying, and updating data in a data service. For more information, see WCF Data Services.

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