Fonts in Silverlight for Windows Phone

Microsoft Silverlight will reach end of support after October 2021. Learn more.

Font support is controlled by the fonts that are already present in ROM on the device. No fonts are installed with Silverlight.


Web-safe fonts are recommended, such as Verdana and the Segoe WP fonts. Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone includes filters that show supported fonts on Windows Phone OS 7.0.

If the fonts that you want are not present on the target device, we recommend that you deploy them with the application. We recommend that you use the TrueType font format for fonts you need in the application. Embedded fonts must be added to the DLL or XAP as embedded resources to be supported by the runtime for managed-code scenarios.

The following table shows the fonts that are present in ROM on Windows Phone OS 7.0.


Georgia Italic


Arial Black

Lucida Sans Unicode

Tahoma Bold

Arial Bold

Malgun Gothic

Times New Roman

Arial Italic

Meiryo UI

Times New Roman Bold


Microsoft YaHei

Times New Roman Italic

Calibri Bold

Segoe UI

Trebuchet MS

Calibri Italic

Segoe UI Bold

Trebuchet MS Bold

Comic Sans MS

Segoe WP

Trebuchet MS Italic

Comic Sans MS Bold

Segoe WP Black


Courier New

Segoe WP Bold

Verdana Bold

Courier New Bold

Segoe WP Light

Verdana Italic

Courier New Italic

Segoe WP Semibold



Segoe WP SemiLight


Georgia Bold

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