Portfolio analysis driver prioritization

Summary: Learn how to prioritize your business drivers inProject Web App portfolio analysis.
Applies to: Project Server Subscription Edition, Project Server 2019, Project Server 2016, Project Server 2013

Prioritizing business drivers is the process of ranking the importance of each driver compared to each other driver. Doing this allows Project Web App to rank the importance of your projects with respect to your business goals.

Using the driver prioritization tools in Project Web App, you can create multiple sets of prioritizations and save them for future use. This allows different people in your organization to have their own prioritizations, and different prioritizations to be created for different departments.

Pairwise comparisons

Using Project Web App, you can perform pairwise comparisons of your business drivers. A pairwise comparison is a method of comparing each business driver to each other business driver and rating whether one driver is more important than the other. These ratings are then used by Project Web App to create an overall percentage rating for each business driver.

You can also manually rank your business drivers by choosing the Manual option when you create the prioritization. However, we recommend using the pairwise comparison ( Calculated option) for a more accurate ranking of your business drivers.

To prioritize business drivers using a pairwise comparison

  1. In Project Web App, in the left navigation, click Driver Prioritization.


    If the Driver Prioritization link isn't there, click Edit Links, and select the check box for Strategy and the links below it.

  2. On the ribbon, click New.

  3. Type a name and description for the prioritization.

  4. If this prioritization is for a specific department, select the department in the Departments box. If you do not select a department, then the prioritization will be available to all departments.

  5. Select the drivers that you want to include in this prioritization.

  6. Click Next: Prioritize Drivers.

  7. Complete the pairwise comparison between each set of business drivers.

  8. On the ribbon, click Close.

Once you have created the prioritizations that you need, the next step is to do a portfolio analysis.