Use Graph connectors with eDiscovery (Premium)

Microsoft 365 customers can perform eDiscovery searches on content ingested for enterprise search. This support helps organizations improve their compliance posture to external content sources by bringing them within the purview of Microsoft compliance solutions.

With Graph connectors, you can enable content from external data sources to be available to Microsoft Purview eDiscovery premium solution. Learn more about establishing Graph Connectors for your organization here: Microsoft Graph connectors overview for Microsoft Search.


If you're not an E5 customer, use the 90-day Microsoft Purview solutions trial to explore how additional Purview capabilities can help your organization manage data security and compliance needs. Start now at the Microsoft Purview compliance portal trials hub. Learn details about signing up and trial terms.

Add Graph Connector as a data source within a case

Once you establish Graph Connectors and eDiscovery is enabled in your organization, the option to add the Graph Connector data source to the case are available under non-Microsoft 365 locations. Only the established and enabled connectors are available to the eDiscovery manager for inclusion in a case.

You can select Graph as a data source.

Collect Graph Connectors content

This content is available for search and collection after adding Graph Connectors content as a data source. Within the collection wizard, select the Graph Connector content as a non-custodial data source, use conditions such as date range, keywords and more to search across the connected content to collect only the content of interest. Upon completion of the wizard get estimates for the amount of content that contains hits to your search criteria, and commit the collection to the review set.

Review content

Once collected to a review set, eDiscovery managers can review content from Graph Connectors to understand more about the content and work to assess if the information is critical and relevant to the case.

Export content

Once validated that the content collected into review is the correct content, this content is then available for export from the review set directly. Select export options and submit the export job for the Connectors content to be exported from the review set.