All medical terms and conditions

All medical terms and conditions is a bundled named entity that detects medical terms and medical conditions. It detects English terms only. Use this SIT to detect all possible matches of medical terms and conditions.


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Keyword Highlighting

Not supported

When keyword highlighting is supported in the contextual summary for a sensitive information type or a trainable classifier, in the Contextual Summary view of activity explorer, the keywords in a document that were matched to a policy are highlighted.

Cloud Support

Cloud support is available for the following:

  • Microsoft Commercial Cloud
  • Microsoft Government Community Cloud
  • Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud High
  • Microsoft 365 Department of Defense


This bundled named entity matches text that mentions medical conditions that are present in curated dictionaries. There's one curated dictionary per supported language. The dictionaries are from many international medical resources. The dictionaries include as many medical conditions as possible without risking a large number of false positives. Each entry contains the different forms that a single condition is commonly written in to ensure coverage, for example:

  • TB
  • tuberculosis
  • phthisis pulmonalis


This bundled named entity SIT contains these individual SITs.

  • Blood test terms
  • Types of medication
  • Diseases
  • Generic medication names
  • Impairments listed in the U.S. Disability Evaluation Under Social Security
  • Lab test terms
  • Lifestyles that relate to medical conditions
  • Medical specialties
  • Surgical procedures
  • Brand medication names