Azure Communication Phone Numbers Package client library for Python - version 1.0.1

Azure Communication Phone Numbers client package is used to administer Phone Numbers.

Getting started


Install the package

Install the Azure Communication Phone Numbers client library for Python with pip:

pip install azure-communication-phonenumbers

Key concepts

Initializing Phone Numbers Client

# You can find your connection string from your resource in the Azure Portal
import os
from azure.communication.phonenumbers import PhoneNumbersClient
from azure.identity import DefaultAzureCredential

endpoint = "https://<RESOURCE_NAME>"
# To use Azure Active Directory Authentication (DefaultAzureCredential) make sure to have your
phone_numbers_client = PhoneNumbersClient(endpoint, DefaultAzureCredential())

Initializing the Client Using Your Connection String

Connection string authentication is also available for Phone Numbers Client.

# You can find your connection string from your resource in the Azure Portal
import os
from azure.communication.phonenumbers import PhoneNumbersClient

connection_str = "endpoint=ENDPOINT;accessKey=KEY"
phone_numbers_client = PhoneNumbersClient.from_connection_string(connection_str)

Phone Number Types overview

Phone numbers come in two types; Geographic and Toll-Free. Geographic phone numbers are phone numbers associated with a location, whose area codes are associated with the area code of a geographic location. Toll-Free phone numbers are phone numbers with no associated location. For example, in the US, toll-free numbers can come with area codes such as 800 or 888.

Searching and Purchasing and Releasing numbers

Phone numbers can be searched through the search creation API by providing an area code, quantity of phone numbers, application type, phone number type, and capabilities. The provided quantity of phone numbers will be reserved for ten minutes and can be purchased within this time. If the search is not purchased, the phone numbers will become available to others after ten minutes. If the search is purchased, then the phone numbers are acquired for the Azure resources.

Phone numbers can also be released using the release API.


Get All Purchased Phone Numbers

Lists all of your purchased phone numbers

purchased_phone_numbers = phone_numbers_client.list_purchased_phone_numbers()
for acquired_phone_number in purchased_phone_numbers:

Get Purchased Phone Number

Gets the information from the specified phone number

result = phone_numbers_client.get_purchased_phone_number("<phone number>")

Long Running Operations

The Phone Number Client supports a variety of long running operations that allow indefinite polling time to the functions listed down below.

Search for Available Phone Number

You can search for available phone numbers by providing the capabilities of the phone you want to acquire, the phone number type, the assignment type, and the country code. It's worth mentioning that for the toll-free phone number type, proving the area code is optional. The result of the search can then be used to purchase the number in the corresponding API.

capabilities = PhoneNumberCapabilities(
        calling = PhoneNumberCapabilityType.INBOUND,
        sms = PhoneNumberCapabilityType.INBOUND_OUTBOUND
poller = phone_numbers_client.begin_search_available_phone_numbers(
    area_code ="833", # Area code is optional for toll-free numbers
    quantity = 2, # Quantity is optional. If not set, default is 1
    polling = True
search_result = poller.result()

Purchase Phone Numbers

The result of your search can be used to purchase the specified phone numbers. This can be done by passing the search_id from the search response to the purchase phone number API.

purchase_poller = phone_numbers_client.begin_purchase_phone_numbers(

Release Phone Number

Releases an acquired phone number.

poller = self.phone_number_client.begin_release_phone_number(
    "<phone number>", 
    polling = True

Updating Phone Number Capabilities

Updates the specified phone number capabilities for Calling and SMS to one of:

  • PhoneNumberCapabilityType.NONE
  • PhoneNumberCapabilityType.INBOUND
  • PhoneNumberCapabilityType.OUTBOUND
  • PhoneNumberCapabilityType.INBOUND_OUTBOUND
poller = self.phone_number_client.begin_update_phone_number_capabilities(
    "<phone number>",
    polling = True


The Phone Numbers Administration client will raise exceptions defined in Azure Core.

Next steps

More sample code

Please take a look at the samples directory for detailed examples of how to use this library.

Provide Feedback

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