Azure Device Update for IoT Hub client library for Python - version 1.0.0

The library provides access to the Device Update for IoT Hub service that enables customers to publish updates for their IoT devices to the cloud, and then deploy these updates to their devices (approve updates to groups of devices managed and provisioned in IoT Hub).

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Azure SDK Python packages support for Python 2.7 has ended 01 January 2022. For more information and questions, please refer to

Getting started


  • Microsoft Azure Subscription: To call Microsoft Azure services, you need to create an Azure subscription
  • Device Update for IoT Hub instance
  • Azure IoT Hub instance
  • Python 3.6 or later is required to use this package.

Install the package

Install the Device Update for IoT Hub client library for Python with pip:

pip install azure-iot-deviceupdate

Key concepts

Device Update for IoT Hub is a managed service that enables you to deploy over-the-air updates for your IoT devices. The client library has one main component named DeviceUpdateClient. The component allows you to access all three main client services:

  • UpdatesOperations: update management (import, enumerate, delete, etc.)
  • ManagementOperations: deployment management (manage devices and deployments)

You can learn more about Device Update for IoT Hub by visiting Device Update for IoT Hub.


You can familiarize yourself with different APIs using Samples.


The Device Update for IoT Hub client will raise exceptions defined in Azure Core.

Next steps

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