Q# API reference

This API reference includes the Q# standard library and other supporting libraries for developing quantum programs with Azure Quantum and configuring the Azure Quantum service.

  • Q# libraries: Includes the standard Q# library along with the chemistry, numerics, and machine learning libraries.
  • .NET libraries: Includes the .NET libraries for the trace simulator namespace and the quantum chemistry namespace.
  • Python libraries: Includes the qsharp and qsharp-chemistry Python packages. \
  • IQ# magic commands: Includes the Jupyter Notebook magic commands for use with the IQ# kernel.
  • REST APIs: The Azure Quantum REST APIs which allow you to develop clients that use REST calls to work with the service.
  • ARM templates: Deploy an Azure Quantum workspace using ARM, Bicep, or Terraform in your template.

For more information about the Q# libraries, see Quantum Development Kit Libraries.