EvaluatePolynomialFxP operation

Namespace: Microsoft.Quantum.Arithmetic

Package: Microsoft.Quantum.Numerics

Evaluates a polynomial in a fixed-point representation.

operation EvaluatePolynomialFxP (coefficients : Double[], fpx : Microsoft.Quantum.Arithmetic.FixedPoint, result : Microsoft.Quantum.Arithmetic.FixedPoint) : Unit is Adj + Ctl


coefficients : Double[]

Coefficients of the polynomial as a double array, i.e., the array $[a_0, a_1, ..., a_d]$ for the polynomial $P(x) = a_0 + a_1 x + \cdots + a_d x^d$.

fpx : FixedPoint

Input fixed-point number for which to evaluate the polynomial.

result : FixedPoint

Output fixed-point number which will hold $P(x)$. Must be in state $\ket{0}$ initially.

Output : Unit