EstimateFrequencyA operation

Namespace: Microsoft.Quantum.Characterization

Package: Microsoft.Quantum.Standard

Given a preparation that is adjointable and measurement, estimates the frequency with which that measurement succeeds (returns Zero) by performing a given number of trials.

operation EstimateFrequencyA (preparation : (Qubit[] => Unit is Adj), measurement : (Qubit[] => Result), nQubits : Int, nMeasurements : Int) : Double


preparation : Qubit[] => Unit is Adj

An adjointable operation $P$ that prepares a given state $\rho$ on its input register.

measurement : Qubit[] => Result

An operation $M$ representing the measurement of interest.

nQubits : Int

The number of qubits on which the preparation and measurement each act.

nMeasurements : Int

The number of times that the measurement should be performed in order to estimate the frequency of interest.

Output : Double

An estimate $\hat{p}$ of the frequency with which $M(P(\ket{00 \cdots 0}\bra{00 \cdots 0}))$ returns Zero, obtained using the unbiased binomial estimator $\hat{p} = n_{\uparrow} / n_{\text{measurements}}$, where $n_{\uparrow}$ is the number of Zero results observed.


For adjointable operations, certain assumptions can be made such like calling the operation will prepare the qubits to exactly the same state, which allow target machines to make some performance optimizations.